Help knitting baby jacket

hi there

im currently knitting a babis jacket… going well im at the section where i have divided for the shoulders on both sides and have made the sleeves now i have to knit it all together… am i dumb… when it says the right front does that mean the right side of the knitting if im looking at it as if it where made or from the wrong side?

if this seems confusing im sorry
it says ‘YOKE, with right side of work facing and using 4mm needles, k across 16 st of right front, 22 from top of right sleeve, 33 of back panel, 22 from top of left sleeve and 16 of left panel’

basically which is the right and left…

The right and left fronts are R and L as you’re wearing it, not as you look at it. And basically you start at the beginning of a RS row and knit across those sts, then a sleeve, the back, other sleeve and the other front.

thanks for that! i can carry on happily knowing imnot going to mes it up at the end!

it says 'YOKE, with right side of work facing and …

it does not mean right and left side of the jacket here, but right side of the fabric (that is the outside of the jacket, the “good” side of the fabric).
Just so you know.

Have fun making that jacket!