Help! Increasing for raglan sleeves

Hi! Hoping someone can help, I’m having trouble understanding my pattern, I can’t work out when I need to increase :frowning:

I’ve finished the rib

Hi Bec, Change your needles to 5mm and stocking stitch 4 rows starting with a knit row.
On the next row(knit row) increase 1 st at each end then,[ depending on which size you are making ( you haven’t said so, as an example to help to explain, I’ll just use the first size)] you will increase like this 5 more times every 10th row.This means after the first increase row work 9 rows in stocking stitch and on the 10th row increase 1st at each end,work another 9 rows in stst,increase on the 10th and so on until all 5 increase rows have been worked and your stitch total should be 67 or whatever matches the size you are doing.
Best of luck

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Thank you so much Linda! Sorry about not mentioning the size, you are a life saver :grin:

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Hi Linda, sorry to be a pain… I’m doing the 2nd size so instead of increasing like this 5 more times I just do it once on the 8th row?

Yes,that’s right, once on the 8th row :grinning: