HELP! Increases.....m

My pattern says:

Row 46: K22, pm, K1, pm; K44; pm, K1, pm, K22
Row 47: K23, K46 (being incs of M1, K1, M1)

These are actually “notes” for the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. The original pattern says "…then start to inc at same points by M1 each side of marked st every 2nd row.

So where do I make the increase? I knit row 46, then turned around and knit 23 (from row 47) but stitch 23 is on the left side of the first marker, then there is another marker, then one knit st, then another marker…so where exactly do I do the {m1, k1,m1}?Before stitch 23 or after?

The ‘marked stitch’ is the one between the markers. Since you have to do your increases on each side of this marked stitch, do one before the first marker and one after the second marker.

Ok, BUT when I knit st 23 that IS the st between the markers.

When I count the “inside” sts, I get 46 like Row 47 says I should have…but I have 22 on each side and not 23.

Maybe, being EZ she includes the increase in the 23?

I don’t know!!! :thinking:

The rest of the “notes” have each odd row increasing (first/last section) by one but the middle section increases by 2 each time.

Row 49: 24, 48
Row 51: 25, 50


Well, the first section would increase by one because you increase on the left side of the marker. The center would increase by 2 because you are both increaseing on the right side of the first marker and the left side of the second marker. The end section would increase by one because you’re increasing on the right side of the second marker.

xxxxxx inc M k M inc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx inc M k M inc xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks, Ingrid…it helped me to type it out like you did LATE last night…I’m on my way.

Have you made this sweater before? I only have one skein of blue left…I don’t think I’ll get my other order of the blue in time to finish…Waaahhhh!!! You can see what I’ve done so far on my blog. I have PLENTY of grey though!

I haven’t made the sweater. That’s a beautiful blue! What yarn are you using?

I’m using Shine Worsted by Knit Picks…Bachelor Button and Wisteria (the grey).

My email friend is helping me too and she said I should throw the grey in and just see what I get…that is the purpose of the “SURPRISE” jacket. I don’t like surprises! :shock: