Help, I'm just starting

Hello everyone,

I’ve just started learning to knit and I’m getting stuck right off the bat. I can cast on some stitches alright, but when I go to make my first knitting row, everything seems to tighten up so much that I can’t even get the needle in. Then I have to struggle to loosen it up and the sample I make looks awful. Any advice on how to keep the stitches loose?



New knitters often have the problem of everything being too tight because they are so tense while they are doing everything. The best way would be to relax and cast on loosely. Otherwise, you can cast on to a bigger needle and then use the original size needle to knit with. For example, if you are using size 8, cast on with a size 10 and then start knitting with a size 8. Or even better, hold the two size 8 needles together and cast on to them at once as though they were one giant needle. Then pull out one of the needles leaving all the cast on stitches on just one needle. Then you can start knitting.

Hi Jeff, welcome! Just relax while you’re knitting. It sounds like you might be trying too hard. Good luck, and be warned - you’re headed for a lifelong yarn addiction! Deb