Help; I'm addicted!

I currently have $109 worth of yarn and needles in my Knitpicks cart. My old tablet PC is selling on Ebay right now, and the auction ends tomorrow afternoon; I figured I’d treat myself to yarn with some of the money from it. However, what was originally a 50 dollar order just kept growing, and growing, and growing throughout the week. :shock:

I just counted, and I have 27 skeins in the order. Granted, 12 of them are WOTA for felted clogs, and I’ll only be paying for 6 of those. But there are 12 different yarns that I’m getting!

I have no idea what I’ll even do with half these yarns, but I couldn’t resist the cheapness and pretty colors, since all I’ve used up till now is Michaels.

I think I’m going to have to join the Stash Knitters club once this order gets here!

Has anyone else experienced the extreme lure that is Knitpicks? :teehee:

You didn’t really expect to get help for this forum of enablers did you? :teehee:

I love getting yarn! :cheering:

:angelgrin: I’m sorry, what is the problem? I’m not sure I get it.

I certainly don’t see it as a problem, but my parents might not like being buried in mountains of yarn! :roflhard:

I can’t wait until I do order it, and get to take pictures of all the lovely colors, and feel the softness…I haven’t yet gotten the chance to fondle nice yarn. Now, where can I find some malabrigo? :teehee:

:rofl: I have three bags full of yarn that as of yet I have no idea what I am going to knit with them. But I have them, so I’ll knit something.

what is WOTA?

Wool of the Andes…

:teehee: welcome to the club…

Complaining about being addicted to yarn here is like expecting to find a NA meeting in a crack house. :rofl: :rofl:


Like she said, We will just be enablers and also be jealous of your yarn pron.

:eyebrow: :eyebrow: [/size]
Current stash size =[size=6]ginormous…too much yarn[/size]

INGY~~~ :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

BUT That being said~~
You are being a judicious spenderb/c is you are buying “nicer” yarns in bulk knowing that (of course) you are going to use them… that you are spending your money wisely… to get the most for your money

NOW: finish your order at KP… stop and desist and now start looking at Knitting Pattern Central or this website for pattern ideas for your delicous on the way yarn~!! :notworthy: