Help! if it's not too much trouble.. (it's too much trouble)

Ya know, I hate to put anyone out but, if you can and you want to. I’d really appreciate any advice you’ve got. i’ve just been staring at this book wondering if it can be done. I’ll bet it can. But I think i’m getting myself all muddled up ‘cuz i’m reading but, my mind ain’t movin’…

Ok, I’d like to make a felted bag. A cross breed between this and The “letter have it bag” outta the [color=red]S n B Nation[/color] book page 159.

I’d like to have the skull on one side. and (Actually instead of my initial, i’d like to have my name :oops: I know… i’m asking for too much I know…
so i’d have to get that name of that site that’ll help make a chart too.
So far, I haven’t used a chart but I don’t think that’ll be my hang up. It’s the, "how many rows should the skull and my name be?

Am I making this harder than it should be or do i just need to find out how many rows across and length wise the skull and name needs to be?

I think I better take a deep breath, slow down and wait and see if any one of you can help.


I don’t have the book for the other bag, but the skull chart should give you a starting place for this one. Is this how big you want your skull to be? If so, then the work is done for this.

As for your name, count how many stitches across the bag will be and see if the letters you want to make will fit.

You can just put it on graph paper, too.

I think your best bet would be to work the pattern flat–in the round would be difficult, at best, for the skull.

You could do your name on one side, your skull on the other and make some side panels. However you put the letters on the chart-across, diagonal, is how you’ll knit them up.

I hope this is some help, to start with anyway.