Help identifying this pattern?

Hi! I am trying to recreate this hat for a Christmas gift. I can’t figure out how it was made. Does anyone have insight on the pattern and the joining? Thank you!

I’m pretty sure it’s crocheted. Ravelry has a bunch of patterns for crochet hats. This particular hat is crocheted flat and seamed so if that’s your thing check it out.

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Actually, I dug through ravelry and I think it is granite stitch. image at least, that’s what I’m going with :slight_smile: thank for for your replay!


Could be! Looks a little different to me, but I’m no expert. The one you show is beautiful!

That’s a lovely stitch, i have not seen it before. It’s great to find new things here.
Looks like a lovely stitch for a warm sweater.
I like your yarn there too.