Help, I’ve run out of a dye batch for a project.

I wonder if anyone can help me. I am working on a special project using Stylecraft yarn, but don’t have enough to complete it. My local haberdashers has run out of the dye batch that I’ve been using, so am trying to find some more. I’ve been using:

Stylecraft Special XL - super chunky
Shade: Teal - 1062
Dye batch - 10748

Does anyone on here have any of the same dye batch they’d be willing to part with??

Search for the yarn on ravelry. If people have it in their stash they might have it for sale or swap.

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That’s so painful. Where are you located? There are a couple of sources that might be able to help. You’d have to check the dye lot with them.

Lovecrafts also carries it and there may be many smaller stores with the yarn. It’s worth an email to them to see if they have the dye lot.

Thank you for your welcome and reply. :slight_smile: I have asked both companies and neither have it. Nor do stylecraft themselves. :woman_facepalming:

I’m basked in Oxfordshire.

It’s awful when this happens.
An alternative is to ask for a similar dye lot. I’ve done that and as luck would have it got a perfect match with a different dye lot.
The other possibility is to use the current dye lot with a second lot and alternate every 2 rows or rounds to blend in the second lot.

I only see one source on Ravelry. It’s listed as not for sale but you might send a message anyway since that is a default. Sometimes people don’t notice or bother to change the default. I don’t know where the Raveler is located.

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You could give wool warehouse a call, or they have a group on ravelry that may be able to help. Every now and again they can find something in the backroom stocks.

Similar happened a while back and there was nothing on the Loop website. A friend of mine lives nearby and she popped into the shop and they found one skein of what I needed in the back.

Another knitty friend had some luck finding a dyelot match they needed on a local fb group.

Ebay might be another option

ETA: There’s a few
worth an email to ask which dyelots they have.

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What would count as a similar dye lot?? Surely in theory they ‘should’ all be the same?? The closest I’ve found is 10967.

I don’t think you can tell by numbers. It was sheer luck in my case that the odd dye lot matched perfectly. I wonder if sending a store a sample of your yarn and asking their help in matching dye lots or at least coming close is possible.