Help..I think I twisted work in circulars

I’m working on a sweater that is knitted in the round and I think I may have twisted it. This is my first attempt at a sweater in the round (I’ve done hats in the round before with no problems) so before i frog it I want to make sure it is indeed a lost cause. I don’t think it was twisted when I joined it because earlier today I was able to get it so that the work layed flat. By that I mean it was a perfect circle, stitches on top and work fell below it. But now for some reason it seems to be twisting, kind of like a figure 8. And I can’t get it to flatten out!!! :cry: Wish David Blaine were here to help!!! Do I need to frog it and start over? If so, how can I prevent this from happening again?

If it actually is twisted you’ll need to start over. One way to help prevent that is to knit flat for 3 or 4 rows then join. You can sew that little bit up with the tail when you’re done.

Sometimes the twist after you’ve joined while working on the first round. One way you can check it is to slip some of the sts to another circular so you can spread it out and see. But it’s usually easiest to start over if they are. You can unravel just to the end of the first row, put the sts back on the needle and undo the last st or two of the first round, put the twist at the join (where it won’t be noticeable) then reknit those last sts and start the 2nd round. But that’s almost as much work as casting on again, depends how many sts you have or how complicated the CO is.