Help..i need help.. =(

hi im a new into this knitting stuff…and i really need help understanding the pattern…and i hope u guys could help me out…

the pattern:


With straight needles, cast on 66(74-82-90-98) sts. [color=red]<< i dont understand the number in the bracket()…am i supposed to cast on 66 sts or 74?[/color] pls help… i reaaly dont understand the number in the ()…

thanks in advance… :smiley:

It depends on what size you’re making. Sizes are listed like this: S(M, L, XL) If you want to make a Large, for example, you would use the numbers that are in the middle position.

THe first # is for the smallest size of the pattern. THe next #s refer to the bigger sizes, so just cast on for whichever size of the pattern you’re making. Then make sure to follow the pattern for that size. For example they’ll put the pattern as an XS, so the first # you see would be for the XS size, then the (xx, xx, xx) would be S, M, L size or whatever sizes they say. HTH.

Welcome :waving: If you have more problems let us know. And don’t forget to take pictures of your work so we can all see :XX:

To make sure that you keep to the same size throughout, it helps to highlight the number of stitches for your size everywhere in the pattern. That way you won’t use the number for another size.

thanks guys :smiley: for ur help…once i finish, i show it to u guys here…neway thanks again… :smiley: