Help- I dont understand!

Hi- I’m new to knitting anything that isnt square! So I decided to knit a sweater that says its easy! Anyway, It says"begin with a knit row, proceed in stocking stitch , including 1 stitch at each end of the needleon 5th and every following 10th row 2 times more. I just dont know how to count that. After row 5 do I continue starting at 6 or start again at 1 and add my stitches on row ten? Please help me I’m really confused!

Increase on both ends of row 5, then start the row count over again, the next one is row 1. On the 10th row [I]after[/I] the increase row, increase again. Then inc on the 10th row after that one. So the increases would be on rows 5, 15 and 25 counting from the beginning.