HELP: I don't remember what stitch I was doing

Hey, so I started knitting something last year it was something pretty simple since I don’t know much. But I picked up my unfinished project and decided I would try and finish it, but I realized I started doing the wrong stitch. I tried googling a few things and can’t seem to find the right stitch. So, hopefully you guys can help me out. I know it’s a variation of the stockinette and mixing of knit and purl stitches, but it’s almost a double layer type of deal. I attached a picture hopefully that helps, but I only used a single yarn to do this if that’s important. Thanks!

What are you making? It looks like it could be double knitting. Were you following a pattern?

I thought it was double knitting too but everything I found online involves using two strands but I only used a single ball of yarn. I wasn’t following a pattern, but I found the stitch online and went with it. I tried looking for it but I couldn’t.

At first I thought it was called brioche knitting but that wasn’t right. So I do not know the name but I do know the stitches!

It is knitting a tube on straight needles. (Even though I am using circulars)

*I cast on an even number of stitches.
*Row 1: * K1, with yarn in front S1 purl wise, * repeat across.
Turn and repeat row 1.
From a single cast on edge like long tail cast on, you will knit a tube.

And it appears your bind off sealed the tube also.

Here is my test knit with the needle through all the loops just as you would work them.

Now I will separate the odd sts to the front needle and even to the back.

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Thank you so much!

A correction for easier reading:

It looks like the start of a copycat beanie. There are many tutorials online and on YouTube. It starts out with a provisional cast on on circular needle. The stitches rest there. You do a k1 p1 ribbing with a second circular needle for about 4-5 inches. Then you fold the ribbing in half. Put the stitches on your holding needle on the main needle, alternating one main stitch, one alternate stitch. There are double the amount of the stitches on the main needle when you are done. First row is k2tog all around. Then you are back to your original stitch count and you follow the pattern. It gives you a doubled cuff that looks very nice, is warm on the ears, and fits the head well.