HELP! I don't know what to do!

:crying: :crying: :crying: I was knitting a purse to felt it. It was a double strand knit, and suddenly my Boye snapped!!! :frowning: It was a size 15 from the interchangeble set. First I thought the needle had come loose (never happened before but I heard about it…), but it wasn’t. It was actually the tip of the cable…

Now I can’t use neither the needles #15 (the tiny tip is still inside…) nor this cable…

I bought it from JoAnn… What do I do!!!

I’m so sad and upset… :crying: :crying: I’m using another cable and #13 needles to finish the purse… I make looser stitches…I’m glad it;'s a felt project…

good problem solving to finish your project!!!

If you have the receipt, you might be able to go to Joann’s and return/exchange. I think a better bet would be to go to the Boye website and see what they say about replacing parts.

It was bought at, so I have the order#, but great idea on the Boye site!! Thank you so much!! :heart:

I can’t find an official site for them… only this one…

But I wanted an address to see if I can exchange instead of just byuing new parts… I bought less than 2 weeks ago!! :crying:

have you read the “everything you wanted to know about interchangeable needles” stiky thread in the general forum? there might be something in there…

The same thing happened to me about one week after I got my Boye set. You found the link for the website. At the very bottom of that page on the right is the phone number. Call them and talk to customer service. I did that. They had me send back the broken parts and they sent me replacement ones for free, all within about a week. I had a very good experience with them.
I did manage to save my needle tip, though, and maybe you can too. First I matched up the end of the broken cable with the part that was still stuck inside the bottom of the needle tip and made unscrewing motions. This actually revealed just enough of the threaded broken thing to get hold of. You know the round rubber thing you use to tighten the tips? I used that for decent grip to hold onto that tiny exposed bit somewhat, then unscrewed the needle tip off of it.
Good luck.

Thank you so much for that info, Yvonne!!! I’ll do that right away!! :heart: :heart:

Btw, I’m in Florida too! I’m in South Florida…

That info ROCKED!! :cheering: :heart:

You’re in south Florida!?
I’m in Port Charlotte, where are you? Not Wilma-land, I hope!

I’m in North Miami Beach… Unfortunately totally Wilma-land… :frowning:

We were lucky we got power in 4 days… phone, however, took almost 2 weeks… no phone=no net! :shock:

We had lots of damage here, but the main thing is that we are all fine! :heart:

OASN: I did try to do what you said, but my tip broke exactly at the border, so I’m having a hard time trying to remove it… :??

I’m calling them tomorrow… Did you use this site?

Yes, I used the phone number at the bottom right of that website.
Unless you can get the broken part out of the needle tip, you’ll be needing a new needle tip as well.
But I’m sure they will treat you well, if my dealings with them are any indication.
Sorry about your Wilma-ness. Last year it was Hurricane Charley over here. Ack.

I called. The lady told me to contact JoAnn and ask them what should I do… :??

In any case I already almailed JoAnn yesterday and I’m waiting for an answer… but I sorta expected them to take over, since usually the “maker” handles broken items…

Oh…well… let’s wait 'till JoAnn answers me… Until then, I can’t any of my felted bags… :crying:

Thank you so much for the attention!

And, btw, hurricanes should eat dog poop. :evil:

I have some if you want it… :roflhard:

I was given mine as a Christmas gift, and so they didn’t tell me to contact the store. Wonder if that’s the difference?
I have a feeling Joann’s is going to say to contact the manufacturer, but let us know what happens.
The absolute worst case scenario is that you have to order the replacement parts from the Wright site, I guess. It would kind of stink if you had to pay for them, though. I bet you won’t have to.

I agree re: hurricanes. I’ve also come to loathe batteries, candles and gas cans.

LOL Hunker down, girls, let’s just hunker down… If I had heard the people on the weather channel say that again, I think my brain would have exploded…
We went through Charley last year, too, and Frances, and Jeanne… lucky for us, we were in southern North Port, not north Port Charlotte… the bad stuff started about a half a mile from our house, right on the county border :help:
This has got me wondering about my Boye’s - - - the cables do seem really stiff, I hope this isn’t a common problem…
[size=2]runs off to check the ‘everything you ever wanted to know’ thread…[/size]

Hi there,

Two things you could try to remove the screw from inside the needle point. Get a regular wooden pencil with a eraser on the end and jam the eraser part into the opening. Then mimic unscrewing. The eraser may grab the screw and help twist it out. The other is to get a rounded tooth pick and break off the point at one of the ends. Insert the blunt end of the tooth pick (jam it in again) and mimic the untwisting motion.

Hope one of the above are of some help.

Take care,

Thank you so much guys!! I’m trying it out the ideas too!

So far they are pushing against eachother, kwim? :rollseyes:

punk ~ Tell me about it! The Weather Channel people are on my list of bad people… ugh!

Yvonne ~ I called it out perfectly what would happen… sigh

Kelly ~ I got plenty here too! Thanks anyway! :roflhard: :roflhard: