Help I am looking for a baby blanket kit

to knit, I am a easy\intermete knitting and really need some ideas.

Please help

There are dozens of baby blanket patterns on the internet for free or a small fee. Do you want a kit that comes with yarn? Here’s a few that I found.
so cast on 98 sts and doing this stitch pattern till its about 24 inchs
as a starter blanket?

There is a really easy pattern I use, which only involves the slip, knit, and purl stitches. It makes a small baby blanket 29x35" (perfect for an infant or for a carseat blankie) and it’s reversible.

CO 102 stitches in regular old Walmart Supersaver yarn on size 10 needles. (Takes a skein and part of another; I do the border in white and the center only takes one supersaver of blue, pink or yellow.)
Do 20 rows of seed stitch (bottom border). [I]*on all rows, slip the very first stitch to form a nice neat edge.[/I]
For the next 120 rows, do the first 10 and last 10 stitches in seed stitch (borders): for the main portion in the center, alternate blocks of knit stitch with blocks of purl stitch. That is, work the first 10 stitches of the right side rows in the seed stitch border, then *K10, P10 * 5x, do the last 10 in seed stitch. On the wrong side rows, work the borders, with P10, K10 in between. For the next 12 rows do the P10,K10 on the right and the k10, P10 on the wrong side. Keep alternating every 12 rows and you will have a basketweave pattern in the center with a tidy flat seed stitch border.
After 12 rows of blocks, do 20 rows of seed stitch and bind off.