Help I am in need of hooks

I am looking for crochet hooks in all sizes both steel (the number ones) and aluminum (the lettered ones). If anyone has any they either don’t want or need anymore I will be more then happy tp take them off your hands! I personally like Boye hooks but will take anything I can get. Thank you for your time and co-operation!

Crochet hooks are so inexpensive that it really wouldn’t be worth it for anyone to send them in the mail due to postage rates. Boye hooks are available at Michael’s and WalMart with WalMart having the least expensive pricing. You could check thrift stores, also; but WalMart would be the quickest source. There are even sets of 3 sizes that start out at a little over $3. Boye hooks are sold in packages with the Wright’s brand name on them, also…I think that’s the packaging at WalMart.

Before going to Joann’s, AC Moore’s, Michael’s check their web sites. They each take the others coupons. One probably has a coupon and often a 40% or 50%.

AC Moores has a 50% off for 8/31/08 and 9/1/08 and 40% for the rest of the week.

Also might want to check ebay. When I was starting out, I scored a couple lots of various knitting/crochet tools (dozens of pieces) dirt cheap. I ended up with a few duplicates, but the vast majority were sizes I didn’t already have. Probably cost me about 10-15% of what I would have paid to buy each thing one at a time. Also, check thrift stores regularly.

The Boye/Wright’s aluminum hooks at WalMart are only $1.28 for a single hook while they are $1.99 at the Michael’s near us. So you would need a 50% off coupon at Michael’s or Joann to get a better price. Don’t know what A.C. Moore or Hobby Lobby are asking since we don’t have one near us. I already have a good assortment of the steel hooks so haven’t bothered to look at the prices on them ANYWHERE, but couldn’t resist getting the ones with comfort handles that were offered one time on Ebay and the Inox and Skacel ones at The Inox and Skacel ones range in price from $2.95 to $6.50 each.