Help! how to MAKE KNOT

The instruction goes like this:
Make Knot:
K1,P1,K1,P1,K1 into 1 st. Pass 2nd - 5th sts over first.

I am completely confused…

Sounds like a bobble… check out the video under Decorative Stitches

From your directions, it sounds like you knit and purl into the same stitch the number of times that it has listed - don’t slip the original stitch from the left needle to the right till you knit and purled 5 times into that stitch, then slip to right needle - then slip four of those stitches over the last stitch on the right needle.

What are you knitting and do you have a link to the pattern? Sometimes patterns will give a direction for how to make the knot/bobble at the beginning of the directions and then in the pattern say, make bobble. If the directions you have above is all that is given, it is a little different than a bobble that I’m used to making, usually, after knitting and purling into one stitch, you turn your work and purl back before slipping.

Use some scrap yarn and try it a few different ways - based on the directions in your pattern and then based on how to make a bobble in the video - see what looks the best or matches the picture in your pattern. Then do it the way that is best for you.

Happy knitting

I got the pattern here:

The pattern is given in a chart. This is my first time following a pattern from a chart. But the instruction for MAKE KNOT is given. I have tried the bobble stitch but it was easy to follow. Thanks for your time.

I like the pattern… it does look like a small bobble in the picture… good luck with your knitting.

Post a picture when your done, I’d love to see a picture.

Happy knitting :knitting:

Well a bobble is usually, inc sts, turn and work them from the other side, turn again a rework them. This is just an inc/dec - make the 5 sts in one, then pass the 2nd st on the right needle over the first (from the end not the order you made them) then the 3rd st over, then the 4th and 5th sts, so you end up with 1 st on the right needle, but they’re all lumped up there.

Yeah, it’s a knot not a bobble. It looks very much like a bobble but is easier and usually a little smaller.

With yarn in back, knit into the next stitch, don’t take it off the needle, move the yarn to the front and purl the same stitch, don’t take it off. Move the yarn to the back again and knit the same stitch again, don’t take it off. Move the yarn to the front again and purl the same stitch, don’t take it off the needle. One more time take the yarn to the back and knit the stitch one last time, now let it come off the needle. You have made 1 stitch into 5 stitch loops on the right hand needle. NOTE: do all the moving back and forth to knit and purl, between the needle tips.

Now you reduce them back to one. Think of it just as if you were binding off. To bind off you knit 2 and then lift the one next to the end stitch off the right hand needle. You have 5 and want to lift 4 of them off over the first stitch at the needle tip one at a time just as if you were binding them off. You always lift the one that is sitting next to the end stitch. Lift 4 off so that you are back to one stitch added to your stitch count on the right hand needle. You have made a little knot, or wad of stitches. :slight_smile:

That’a a beautiful pattern. I don’t really see any bobbles, or even knots, but maybe it’s hard to tell from the photo.