HELP! How do I knit a border on a blanket?

I am making a baby blanket but I do not know how to make a border around it and am having a horrible time finding a how-to video on the internet. If anyone has any hints it would be greatly appreciated!

Pick up stitches? :shrug:

If you have already knit the blanket, then you’d need to pick up the sts on each side and knit off that, or you can crochet around if you’re into that. If you haven’t knit yet, then you could add a few sts on each end and rows top and bottom in the pattern of your choice for the border (basically making a frame around the blanket pattern).

If you have a very long circ ndl, going on the concept of picked up sts, you can do the entire border that way. Obviously, you’d need to work some kind of mitered corner.