Help! Hole in garter stitch blanket.

Hi everyone! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I’m knitting a blanket in garter stitch for my new nephew and my daughter cut a hole in it. AHHH!! I can not figure out how to repair the hole without ripping out over 100 rows and starting over. Does anyone know how to repair this? I have googled every where and only find answers to repair stockinette stitches and nothing about garter.

Thanks for any replies!


Welcome to the forum!
If it’s not a very big hole, this might work:

You might also try following the path of the yarn strand with a new strand of yarn instead of the sewing thread shown in the video. Of course, this all depends on the size of the hole.
Embellishments (small flowers or hearts) might help too to cover over the joined area.

Thanks for these suggestions but it’s an alligator pattern and wouldn’t look good with a patch on the alligator!

Oh my, no, I suppose not. Maybe closing up the hole with yarn or thread would work?

No, I tried! Thanks for replying. I think I would have to somehow create a new ladder and then somehow rejoin the bottom knit to the top. Looks like I’ll be ripping out 100 rows tonight! (EEEEK)