Help Help!

I’m knitting a double sides scarf…fine I get it BUT one side isn’t connecting together so I see through the work. what am I doing wrong?

Can you post a pic?

see waht I mean…a hole at the end. :?? :??

I think that’s what’s supposed to happen. You’re knitting both sides at once. They don’t connect to each other. :thinking:

but the other side is connected lol

When you’re done, do you knit the two ‘tops’ together?

I suppose so…the patern jsut says to cast off like normal

Cast off like normal, or cast off like normal for double knitting? I truly don’t know what the normal cast off for double knitting is, though. :??

me either actually lol but I havea ways to go so hoefully someone wil let me know otherwise it’s being binded off like a normal scarf for single knitting lol

When the chart is completed use a size 7 needle and bind off in alternate colors; k the k sts and p the p sts in the colors they were worked on the previous row. When you get to the last st, k across these sts in one color (either, it doesn’t matter which) and work as an I cord.* I worked in alternate colors but it could be done in one color. Work for about 20 rows and then sew the end down to the beginning of the I cord for a loop to hang you hot pad.

*I cord: On double point needles, k 3, do not turn the needle but slide the sts to the right end of the needle they are on, pull the yarn across the back tightly and knit the sts. Repeat this for the length desired.

Found this on (I think)