Help Frogging Mohair

I have been gifted with some beautiful mohair yarn, and part of it is knitted. What is the best way to frog it without losing all the of the little bits of fuzz? I have enough for two or three good size shawls or a medium sweater. Please help.

I’ve heard repeatedly that putting it in the freezer for an hour or two makes the job easier! I never tried it though.


I just frogged 2 sweaters that were mohair blends. I didn’t worry about the fuzz. I also didn’t work on it when others were around because if I had been armed I might have inflicted serious bodily harm on them. It is extremely agravating to do. If it is very fuzzy I don’t think I would even attempt it.
I just was offered a very fuzzy mohair sweater to frog if I wanted the yarn. I passed. Told her to felt it and cut it up and make something else out of it.
I found tiny fingernail scissors to be invaluable to clip through the fuzz that built up and prevented the yarn from raveling.