Help! for reading Sweater pattern

Hi! I’m making a layered ruffle sweater (books referred from “Modern-top-down knitting”)

Making sweater is first time so I could not understand the pattern. This sweater has no sleeve and low neck line. Looks simple sweater but difficult to follow the pattern.

Using a long circular needle.

Provisional CO 82 sts, and St st beginning with a knit row.
And next row is P15, pm, p52, pm, purl to end. (I could made this part)”

I don’t know from here…

“<Shape Shoulders>
Rows 1 (RS) and2: Work to second marker, slip marker (sm), work5 sts, wrp-t.”

I did knitting stitch until second marker(it was 15sts ) and sm, work5 knitting stitch, wrp-t. but I don’t know after if I need to continue St st to the next marker to do same things? I mean I need to finish up the row(it is not mentioned)

It said row 1 and 2, but how to connect to the row2? I’m confusing.
So that I could not understand the following patterns. There are one picture of sweater, but only mentioned measure so that I can not imagine the picture of the Shoulders of this sweater.

“Rows 3 and 4: Work to wrapped st from row before previous row, hide wrap, work 4 sts, wrp-t.
Work even in St st, hiding remaining wraps as you come to them, until piece measures 6 4/3” from end of shoulder shaping, ending with a WS row. “

If someone has same book or someone can understand the meaning of this pattern, please help me out.

Thank you so much!!

When you work a ‘wrap & turn’, you’re working short rows to shape the sweater.

You work up to the w & t, and do that. Turn the work as if you’ve finished the row. You’re not working all the stitches this time. Row 2 has you doing the same thing, but purling back, working the required number of stitches, w & t.

On the next row, you work up to where you wrapped the stitch, lift that wrap up onto your left tip and knit it together with the stitch to ‘hide’ the wrap and work for 4 more stitches, w & t. Purl back, and do the same thing when you get to the next wrapped stitch and purl beyond that, w & t.

Each time you work part of the row, you’ll work 4 more stitches at each end.

Make sense?


Thank you so much for your advice.

Okay, so I don’t work for 82sts.
And row 1 is I need to work k15, sm, k5, wrp-t .
and for row2, I will turn and work p15, sm, p5, wrp-t . Is this correct?

For Row3 and 4, I think I understand,There are instructions of “Hiding wraps ” and “Working short rows on a knit row/ purl row” separately on the book.

but I just didn’t know how to connect with this pattern.
I will try for the row 1 and 2 first, and after still try to understand the instructions of row 3 and 4 more.

Just I will try and I think I will get back here if I can’t still make it.

Thank you again! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering how this sweater came out. I’m trying to make it for my daughter and I had the same problem with the wrp-t. That’s how I found your thread. Was it easy to follow? I am a bit of a beginner in knitting.

There’s a video for the usual w&t on the Advanced Techniques section of the Free Videos at the top of the page. The idea is that you are adding extra rows in the middle of your knitting. So you’ll be working two or more extra rows while the edge sts sit on the needle waiting for the extra rows to be finished. One of the regulars here posted these links to German Short Rows which are easier to do I think and you might give them a try. One video is from the knit side and one from the purl side.
Come back if you have problems and good luck with the sweater!