Help for knitting on dpns

hello everyone,
Can anyone please help. I want to work on dpns i tried it but iam having problems with ladders that form at the end of each needle the stitches are so loose. I dont know what to do.
Please help.

I just recently figured out how to do knitting on double pointed needles myself. One thing I did which seemed to help is that I cast onto each needle instead of casting everything onto one needle and distributing to each needle after that. Then when I started to knit, I kept the needles tightly overlapped with each other in the round and made sure that I pulled the yarn tighter when I was transitioning from an end stitch to a new stitch on the next needle.

Good luck,


Another trick is to knit from one needle to the other for a couple of stitches rather than always changing needles at the same point. You’ll have to make sure you have a marker at the beginning of the round, since that will shift, as well.

If you are tugging and making sure your stitches are tight at the beginning of each needle, then maybe you won’t have ladders when you keep knitting… Let me explain what sometimes happens to me.

This definitely isn’t always the case, but I know that when I’m knitting socks or anything on dpns, I always make my first couple of stitches tight when I’ve knit onto a new dpn. But usually for two rows down, give or take, it looks like I can see a bit of ladder. However, as I knit on, there are no ladders except for the two rows below my needle. Even when I pull and tug, there’s no ladder. It just looks like there is, maybe because it’s so close up to the needle or something. Just as long as I’m making sure my first few stitches are tight and I keep knitting, I don’t have ladder problems.