Help for a new knitter

Hi everyone I am new to knitting and am struggling with a pattern in the picture you will see that when it says shape raglan armholes it refers to patt 1 but I really don’t get it, do I do just the first two rows and if so what does it mean by patt to end on row 3 4 5 and 6
I have added pics to help
Any advice gratefully accepted

Welcome to KH!
Starting at shape raglan you’re going to be decreasing at each end of the knitting in some rows. The raglan section begins on a row 1 of pattern stitch #1 but since you cast off a stitch you’ll have to check to make sure that the pattern columns of knits or purls stay aligned.
In rows 3-6 you’ll do the same thing, knit the given number of sts and then work in pattern stitch #1 but make sure that you keep the columns of knits and purls in line with previous rows.