Help for a Brit knitting in American!

Hello from snowy Britain.
I downloaded a free pattern, for a coat. It is gorgeous and I’ve managed to understand all the different terms: ie your bind off is our cast off.

I’m half way up the back and should soon be decreasing for the arm holes, this is where I’ve hit a snag. The instructions for the back arm hole decrease are … [B]bind off 3 sts twice[/B] For the rest of the arm hole decrease rows it says, as we do over here, decrease one st at each end of following alternate rows.

I’m assuming that bind off twice is maybe written like this to save space? And means bind off at each end of the row?

Can anyone help clear the fog for this dumb Brit?

Hi and welcome from a fellow Brit living in a rapidly thawing Ireland (thankfully).

I would share your understandng of the pattern - that you need to cast off the 1st and last 3 stitches on that row. Could you post the link to the pattern so we can have a look to be sure?


You can’t bind off 3 stitches at the end of a row.

I would imagine they mean to bind off 3 stitches at the beginning of the row then knit to the end. Then bind off 3 stitches at the beginning of the next row and knit to the end. then continue your decreasing at the beginning and end of every other row.

Oh thanks a million ladies, you are stars! I’ll do what you recommend.
Ummmm Irish mum, I think posting a link is a bit beyond me!

Is it OK for Brits to post on here? I’ve been reading the forums and there are oodles of tips and ideas

You’re welcome to join us where ever you’re from. We have several people here from the UK and from a couple other areas around the globe.