Help! First timer!

I am trying to knit a simple scarf. 15 stitches across.Kit across, purl back. How do I keep my edges from curling in? Thanks for helping, you’ll probably hear from me a lot.

knit across, purl back is otherwise known as stockinette stitch, and it will curl. You can solve this problem by changing your pattern to something like ribbing (alternate k and p stitches in some combination) or by doing a border of some kind around your stockinette. For example, you could do a garter stitch (knit every row) border in the first and last few stitches of each row, and stockinette everything in between.

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Thanks, I crocheted a border on both sides and it helped a little. But I’m sure I’ll be back for more answers. Thanks from Florida.
Peej (Peggy)

There is a sticky thread in the “How-to Questions” forum that is about stockinette curling. Check that out for more ideas.

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