Help! First time with cables!

I’m making this hat right now:

for a more direct link:

I am on row 27…
Row 27: [Slip 3 stitches onto cable needle and hold in front of work, K3, knit stitches on cable needle, P5] around

how do I do this?! I’ve NEVER done cables and no idea what the heck i’m doing… any videos, links, talk (dumbed down, I won’t get offended I swear lol) would be greatly appreciated

Help me please!!!

It talks about putting sts on a cable needle, but you can use any other needle, or a chopstick, hairpin - something straight and fairly short. Basically, you’re going to be knitting the next sts out of order.

Knit to this point of the row, put the next 3 sts on a holder of some sort and let them flop toward you. Knit the next 3 sts on the L needle, then knit the sts that are being held. You can knit them right off whatever you put them on, or put them back on the L needle.

How do you put them on the cable? I have no idea. L needle? you make it sound easy but I don’t understand one thing that you say… lol. Sorry.

To put the sts on the cable needle or whatever you want to use to hold them, just slide the sts onto it. L needle is left hand needle. Here’s a link to a basic cable video. It uses a different number of sts, but shows you how to move them around.

Just slip the 3 stitches onto the cable and leave them in the front of your work, knit 3 stitches off your left hand needle, then knit the 3 stitches off your cable.

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When I first started doing cables I always felt so AWKWARD trying to juggle both knitting needles AND a cable needle when it came time to knit directly from the cable needle. To me it looked like I was holding a porcupine with all those needle tips flailing around!

So at first I just slipped the stitches that were on the cable needle back onto the left hand needle and then knit them from there rather than trying to juggle the cable needle with the left hand one.

The only thing to watch for is make sure you haven’t twisted those slipped stitches around when you slip them back onto the left hand needle. They should go onto the needle in the same order they came off it when you first slipped them.

Although I usually knit directly from the cable needle now, I did much better in learning when I slipped the stitches back onto that left hand needle. And it was such a thrill seeing that little twist form and knowing that it would be very visible in a few rows!

Hope you do well and have fun!

Ruthie :hug:

Thanks ladies! Helps me so much! I will deff let you guys know how it goes when I do the first two rounds or so! I’m nervous, although I think my next project will have cables too! I love them but just nervous about it. The person that normally helps me and I had a huge ugly falling out so I’m all on my own! Thanks ladies once again!

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