Help! First time Pattern and Sock Knitter


This is my first time using a pattern and I decided to try it out on easy socks and I am stuck!

The socks I am knitting use 2 straight needs. I have knitted the cuff of the sock and am now in a section called Divide for heel.

Here the pattern calls for me to:

Slip 13 stitches on to the my right hand needle (No problems there)
Move 26 stitches on the a stitch hold (No problems)
Move the last 13 stitches to a spare needle and turn (No problems with the move… [B]but what does TURN mean?)[/B]

Next the pattern goes on to the following steps:

With the Wrong Side face [B](I am assuming you turn the work around and work is on the left needle) [/B]rejoin yarn to instep edge of the first 13 stitches worked [B](I am completely lost here… I dont understand what they are trying to say)[/B] and purl to the end, turn spare needle around [B](What are they trying to say here? I think I understand but I really dont want to make an assumption) [/B] and purl across the 13 stitches on the spare needle. 26 sts.

Thank you for any help in advance… I am really excited about this project… bubt I hope it turns out ok.

:think: Do you have link to the pattern? I think I know but I should warn you that I’ve been on cold meds the last 2 days so you might want to wait for back up :rofl:

OK the first 13sts you put on the right needle…You need to turn those so that the WS is facing you…To rejoin the yarn I’m guessing you’ve had to cut it? or need to cut it? so that you can start from this point…all you do is take the end of the yarn and start purling and cont. to the end…:thumbsup: