Help finding pattern for fingerless gloves


I would like to try knitting fingerless gloves, not mittens or wristers. I’ve knitted the fingerless mittens and wristers and love them. Now I want to try gloves and I can’t find a pattern that is easy. Whenever I type in fingerless gloves I get mittens.

I want to try gloves with the individual fingers. Does anyone know of an easy pattern I can download?

Thank you!


Ravelry has lots and lots of glove patterns, some of them very basic. If you find one you want to try, just don’t finish the fingers and thumb all the way. Bind them off when they are the length you want. I think they might have some simple stockinette fingerless gloves even.

There are also several patterns under ‘convertable gloves’. You can make them with or without the cap. gloves

Even though fingerless mittens and fingerless gloves are two different things they get used interchangeably. I guess it’s a marketing thing…choose me! Choose me! :teehee:

Anyway… you can find a full glove pattern and just make the fingers shorter, too. I made some convertible mitts those could be made without the cover. Here’s a few I found though.

Here are a bunch of fun fingerless glove patterns on my pattern search site: [=fingerless&data[craft][k]=k"][pattern]=fingerless&data[craft][k]=k]([pattern)