Help finding a pattern please

A friend put her son on Ravelry to chose a sweater he wanted…he chose this

For the life of me I cannot find a link to the pattern ANYWHERE. It appears to have been a pamphlet years ago from Katia that was sent out free from Elann. I have sent a request to Katia to see if the patterns is still available but does anyone else have any other ideas?

I can’t find it either. Some old patterns just disappear so you may need to find a similar pattern and go from there. You could also contact one of the other project makers and see if they’d be willing to share…assuming they still have it.

Here are some similar patterns. The cables could probably be modified as Jan suggested.

Thank you both. I had e-mailed Katia since the pattern seemed to be there and it took a few days and amazingly enough the rep was able to find the pattern in an old magazine and she scanned it into a file for me !!!

That’s awesome!!

How kind of them. Fantastic!