Help figure out the exact pattern of a rib hat

Hello, I am already rather good at knitting following a given pattern but I have trouble figuring out the patterns on my own. I would like to knit this hat as close to the original as possible. I am attaching several pictures so that you have different angles. What I have figured out so far is that it is in a “knit 3 purl 2” rib pattern, probably is knitted around 80 stitches (I counted 36 “ribs”). The one thing I have no idea about is whether the stitches are decreased at the top at all. :confused: If yes, can you give me a hint how I should decrease? Thank you very much for any help!

Welcome to KH!
Nice looking hat. It’s hard to say about shaping from the photos but you could decrease in the purl ditches by purling 2 together on a round. The knit ribs might also be decreased (or not) on an alternate round but there seems to be a bit of gather at the top. You may have to test the shaping out to see if you like it. Try a round or two of decreases and then thread some scrap yarn through the stitches and pull to see whether you like the look and fit.

It doesn’t look like it’s decreased at all, but it’s hard to tell for sure. One thing I can tell you from experience…if you’re going to do a hat with little to no decreases at the crown knit it longer than you’d think you need to before closing the top. I’ve done this twice and the hats were always too short because closing this way pulls up the edge.

Thank you very much! The more I look the more I think that nearing the crown only the purl ribs are decreased once. Seems I will have to experiment. If I am successful I will post it here, I think there might be other k-pop fan knitters around the internet looking for this hat pattern. :slight_smile:

There are 100’s of ribbed hats that are nearly identical if you want to follow a pattern. It’s fun to make your own, but if you’re thinking of making a pattern it may be lost in a sea of other ones unless you do something different with it. :wink: