Help! Fairisle chart question

I’m going to try making the sampler purse from Philospher’s Wool, but the chart isn’t explained clearly and there’s no legend. There are X,O,V,-, and blanks. Since she says you can use just two colors aren’t there too many symbols? :??

You can use one or as many as you want of the contrasting colors. The symbols tell you where to change color.

In the book of their patterns, the dashes meant to purl in the background color, but I’m not sure if that’s the case here.

But if you wanted to use two colors you’d just ignore some of the markings or mentally convert them to another symbol? Guess it doesn’t really matter since it’s practice. I’ll go see what I can do. Thanks!

You could color the chart the way you like it. I think colored charts are the easiest to follow.