HELP! Endless Circle Vest pattern is confusing!

I am new to this site. Hello :waving:

I started out knitting scarves, recently graduated to hats, now, I attempted to knit this “easy” womans vest. It is found on the site and is called “Endless Circle Vest”. It looks so cute and was supposed to be easy. It has even stumped a knitting friend of mine.

Has anyone made this vest? If so, please help. I completed the part where you knit 18 inches of vest, now it is supposed to be folded over? and I am supposed to start knitting in the round…again, WHAT???

I would like to get on with this vest. Thanx in advance to any help I may get. :knitting:

It’s a rather unusual vest and looks like fun to knit. Basically, you’ve knit part of the back and when you fold over, the openings on either end of the fold are the armholes. So fold the cast on edge up to you current knitting (see the diagram with the pattern) and pick up one st for every cast on st (if you cast on 95 sts, pick up 95 sts from the cast on edge) onto your right hand needle and join to knit in the round (190 sts total for this size). What you’ll be knitting at this point is the circle that forms the collar, sides, and back edges of the vest.
Increase in each st on the next round (again doubling the number of sts on the needles to 380 for this size) and begin knit 2 purl 3 ribbing for whatever the pattern says (about 7 inches or so).
I’d say just follow the directions and the shape of the vest will begin the make sense as you go along. Good luck with it!

I too had a devil of a time trying to figure out how to knit this vest. I finally (with the help of fellow knitters on line) have gotten it on the circular needle and am knitting the required number of rows. It makes sense once you get it folded and pick up all the stitches and begin knitting in the round. But before that, I was tearing my hair out and wondering how it was labeled “Easy”.
Hope you have figured it out by now.

Hi, I really want to make this shrug, but I don’t understand the folding, picking up stiches, and work in the round part. Can you explain it more simply? With pictures if possible.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
On page 2 of the pattern there’s a schematic that helps to explain the fold. You’re joining the live sts to the cast on edge and knitting around the opening in the vest. That opening is where you will put the vest on with your arms going through the hole left at the fold line.
You could try knitting a small swatch, following the fold and pick up sts directions to see how this goes.

Ok. That make sense now. Thanks :slight_smile: . Can you please explain how to join live stitches to the cast on edge?

You’re going to pick up and knit sts from the cast on edge.

For the smallest size you’ve got 75sts on the needle and then you pick up and knit 75sts from the cast on edge and join to knit in the round on 150sts.