Help, decrease for v-neck cardigan

I’m confused about this pattern instructions. I’m knitting armhole & neck for left front v- neck cardigan but don’t know how to decrease stitches as per below :

Bind off 4 sts at the beginning of next row, work to last 10 sts - k2 tog, (p1 k1) 8 times. Keeping pattern, continue to dec 1 sts as established every other row 4 more times then every 4th row 11 times.

It sounds like you’re working each shoulder separately. BO 4 st at the armhole edge, then do the dec when there’s 10 sts left and p1 k1 for 8 sts (not 8 times). Then turn and work a WS row, and dec the same on the next RS row - work to the last 10 sts - k2 tog, p1 k1 for 8 sts. when you’ve done 4 dec rows, then switch to doing the dec every 4th row instead of every other row 11 time.

Thanks! Now i understand how to do it :slight_smile:

Another thing, when I’ve done the 4 dec rows; on the next row I’ll just continue with my pattern without dec any stitches, right?

I only have to do the dec after the 4th rows of my pattern. Is that correct?

No you do more than that. Dec on every other row 4 times, that’s the first 4 dec rows. Then continue to decrease but on every 4th row for 11 times, or 15 dec rows total.

3rd dec row
plain row
4th dec row
plain row
plain row (rs)
plain row (ws)
5th dec row
plain row
plain row
plain row
6th dec row, and so on…

Ok, got it…

Thanks for your help, will try on it. :wink: