Help deciphering blanket pattern

I have finished the border for one side.
This is what I did for row 3.

K1,increase in same st, yfwd then k2tog. When you reach the last 3, yfwd k2tog, increase one, then knit last st.

For row 5 and 6 knit with the main color, then switch to your contrast for rows 2,3,4,7.
It comes out as a “lace pattern” with 2 rows of (main color) stockinette st. between.
Let me know it you would like a close up of the finished pattern.
Hope this helps.

I am also trying to make the Butterfly Blanket. I have the same problems as everyone else, but, also. How does one do yfwd twice? I can do it once, but twice would be just wrapping the yarn around the needle. This makes a huge hole and problems knitting into the loop around the needle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Exactly - ywfd twice is wrapping around the needle twice, a double YO. The next row you’ll purl in the first loop and purl through the back loop (pb1) of the second loop. It’s supposed to leave a large hole.