Help! Daughter cut sweater with scissors, how do I fix it?

Oh my goodness, I have been working on this sweater for a couple months (I am terribly slow plus I can only knit usually at night for a little bit) for my mom for Christmas and I had it layed out on our coffee table sewing the seams together when I would get a few minutes and my oh so lovely dd went over and took my big scissors and cut right into it from the bottom up. Now I have no clue how to fix it, can anyone help me? If it shows anything that is fine, I am just hoping I can salvage it. Since it is for my mom it will just add history to it, I know she won’t care.

Thanks so much for any help! Here are a couple pics, hopefully they show what I mean.

that is a darn shame. I have no clue but I bet Ingrid could assist you.

What I would probably do (and have done when I accidentally cut my sweater) is to sew it first with thread to secure the stitches–on a machine if you have one, or by hand, if necessary with thread the same color. Then you can use yarn to close the gap without worrying about any unravelling. Since it is allowed to have a ‘scar’, that should work.

and then, when you kill your daughter, be sure to bury the body someplace far from home so it can’t be traced back to you :wink:

Oh thank you, thank you so much! That makes so much sense! I was so shocked when she actually cut it that I wasn’t even able to think straight about how to fix it. All I saw was a ruined sweater.

Thanks again! Now off to the sewing machine and then to put it back together. :notworthy:

Ha, ha! As soon as I saw those scissors flash at her hands I had to send her to her room and call my neighbor. I suppose it also worked in her favor that she is almost 3 and tired and hungry so when I calmed down I was understanding. However, my revenge on her will come down the road, when she has kids and is working on a special project, I hope they do the same to her.