Help creating my own blanket pattern, x-post

I’m trying to write a pattern to make a blanket, 6 feet square, out of a worsted weight yarn, 110 yards per 50 gram ball, guage 4.5-5 sttiches per inch. I have no idea how to figure out how much yarn to buy, I know I need a lot. What is more, I want to knit it in a specific pattern, in sections measuring 30x30 inches, 24x30 inches (2 sections), 24x24 inches, 30x18 inches (2 sections), 24x18 inches (2 sections), and 18x 18 inches.


Buy tons of yarn. If you don’t have enough, you’ll never find it again. And using another yarn, no matter how close the color, will always show.

And if you buy too much yarn… just think of the other projects you can make so you match your lovely blanket! Matching socks, bed jacket, and so on. You could start a new fashion fad here.