Help creating a non-curling border on mitten pattern



I’m knitting the “Arched Gusset Mittens” pattern found on (it’s one of their free patterns)

After starting the medium size pattern (with a cast on of 39 stitches) I didn’t like how badly the cuff curled.

I consider myself a mid-level knitter since I’m pretty good at reading patterns etc… but I’m not good at creating new patterns from scratch.

Can anyone help me figure out how to get a nice border for my mittens cuff when ribbing won’t work with an odd number of stitches (39)

Please help :smirk:


Hi Sherry, You can add 1 stitch (or reduce,it doesn’t matter too much for 1 st) at cast on to get an even number of sts, after you finish ribbing you decrease that extra st on the last row (or increase if you went down a st) to get your stitch count correct before continuing with the pattern.
Hope this helps,enjoy your knitting.