HELP! - counting rows, picking up, and knitting twisted

I’m knitting a felted bag. It’s my 2nd project. The instructions say to cast on 40 and knit 40 rows. Then it says to pick up and knit twisted 20 stitches along the first edge of rectangle. It says there are 20 ridges and to pick up one stitch between each ridge. I’m counting 40 ridges. Don’t I have 40 ridges with 40 rows? And it said to knit 40 rows. Then it says pick up and knit 40 stitches along the bottom of your rectangle. Then pick up 20 stitches along last edge of rectangle. It says that I will now have 120 stitches and will be knitting in the round. I’m confused about the rectangle. Were do I go with the yarn when I finish knitting the last of the 40 rows? I’ve tried watching the video about picking up but I’m confused on where to start. And aren’t there 4 sides to the rectangle? Why am I only picking up on 3? The yarn shop told me this is easy and it is the project that they use for beginners. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!!!

Sounds like a booga bag.

When you knit 40 rows, and they say there are 20 ridges, they’re talking about the raised ridges of the purls, not the ‘valley’ of the knits between.

Your yarn is on your needle–that’s one long side. Pick up the stitches that are nearest your point, down the left side as it’s facing you. Then pick up across the bottom and up the right side. Don’t worry about the ‘twisted’ part. I don’t think it makes any difference.

At this point, you’ll start knitting in the round. The first few rows are awkward, but it will get sooo much easier.

Yes it is a booga bag. I hope I can do it! So, if I’ve got 40 RAISED areas, does that mean I’ve knit 80 rows? Have I done EXTRA WORK??? Will the rectangle be really long and narrow? Have I got a lot to learn!! Thanks for your help!

Maybe you did knit 80 rows. Do you have a rectangle or a square? Are you counting the raised rows only on one side?

It’s closer to a square than an rectangle. Oh, joy, pulling out all of those stitches! I guess I’m getting a lot of practice. How do you use a row counter? (isn’t that what they are called?)


You don’t have to have a row counter. A pencil and paper is good enough. You have to turn the row counter each time you finish a row. Or use a hash mark. Or count the ridges, in this case. :teehee: