Help! Chart questions

So I am working on a pair of toe socks, the pattern and charts arefor a sock pattern over on .ravelry for the sherbert-toe-socks.
I get that table A is for needle 1 and table B is for needles 2&3 for the leg portion. Here is my question. Once get to row 10 onward for chart B it seems like there are less stitches but no clue what is suppose to happen to those stitches. Any help would be appreciated!!
Debbie Veil

I don’t know why there would be less stitches, chart B goes straight up over the 36 stitches of needles 2 and 3. The pattern had been real busy, but they start dropping some of the pattern and just doing part of it in St st. But the sts are still there they are just all blank boxes which means to knit them all not that they are gone. :?? Is that it? Or am I missing something important?

Ok so I’m reading the chart left to right and there are 30 boxes that way. If was up and down then is 36. I assumed that since chart A is suppose to be repeated 7 times at 9 rows, gives me the 36 rows which is the same number of numbered rows on chart C, but only 30 boxes per row when between Needles 2 and 3 there are 36 stitches. Am I just making this harder?

Pattern says:

Needle 1: follow Chart A, repeat 7 times in total. Needles 2 and 3: follow Chart B
This is right at the beginning after you do the cuff, where it says, LEG. Before that for the cuff you cast on 66 and had 30 sts on needle #1, 18 on #2, and 18 on #3. You keep that same set up as you go into the leg. (Chart A is called" front of leg", chart B " back of leg".)

Chart A is worked over needle #1, That chart has 30 sts (as N#1 has), and Chart B, which is under charts A and C, has 36 stitches (the total of needles #1 and #2–18 each). I don’t get the rounds because chart A has 9 rounds and it says repeat it 7 times, that would be 63 rounds. Chart B has 55 rounds. :?? So they don’t seem to jive.

I assumed that since chart A is suppose to be repeated 7 times at 9 rows, gives me the 36 rows which is the same number of numbered rows on chart C,
No 9X7 is 63, not 36.

Above it says to work Chart A over needle #1, and Chart[B] B[/B] over the 36 sts on needles #2&3 for the leg.

I can’t see anywhere that it tells you to use Chart C, but it seems it would be on page 2 in the center column where it gives a new set up and has the FOOT.

18 sts on Needle 1, 30 sts on Needle 2; 18 sts on Needle 3.
Continue in established pattern –working st st over Needles 1 and 3(sole) and following Chart B over Needle 2, until 2 inches before desired length of foot.

This says to use Chart B, but it seems to me it should say chart [B]C[/B]. Needles 1 &3 are done in St st, for the sole, and needle 2 is for the top of foot, as far as I can tell. Chart C is labeled “top of foot” and has the 30 sts they indicate need to we worked on this needle #2.

Is there any place you can ask about this where the pattern comes from, things don’t quite figure to me.

That’s exactly how I see it. So then when complete the 55 rows for chart B with needles 2&3, do I work needle 1 only back and forth till do all 63 rows? I’m not that far yet so I guess that when get through row 55 hopefully someone can figure out what the heck they did. I swear have read it over & over to see if have missed anything!!!