help changing a crochet pattern to knit

Good morning peeps.
I am in some major need of help please. A cousin has asked if someone could replicate a baby blanket, as her daughter’s one is well used. I jumped in to offer, but looking through patterns, the ones with big holes (like her daughter’s one), seem to be crochet rather than knit. Can anyone help me?
The holes are important, because she lives wrapping her little fingers in it.
Here’s the link to the crochet pattern. I’d really appreciate your help.

That’s so kind of you to remake this blanket.
There are a couple of possibilities here although nothing exactly like the pattern you chowed

This is the complete search. I only check a few pages.

Hi, thank you so much for having a look for me. I shall see what my cousin thinks. :grin:

One more possibility. It’s a sweater but the pattern stitch might work:

Thanks again.
From your experience, do you think there is any way of knitting something ‘holey’, that is still delicate?

Many patterns, including the ones above could be knit with a thinner yarn or larger needles. You’d have to adjust the number of sts to cast on in order to make the size blanket you want, but it could be done.
Maybe it’s a good time to experiment with yarn and needle size on a swatch to see if you can get the look you want.

There’s also the whole world of lace for a more delicate look…