Help! Cast on additional stitches

I have a pattern question. I have 8 stitches on the needle. Pattern reads Beg with a k row, work in st-st. Cast on 14 sts at beg of next 4 rows, ending with 64 on needle at the end of the 4 rows.

Knit the 8 sts in stockinette stitch, use the knit or cable cast on to add the sts, and you’ll have 64 sts on the needle when you’ve done that.

Thank you so much.:woot:

Ok i thought that i knew what to do. Do I make a new slip knot and then add 14 st

No, since you already have stitches on the needle, you don’t need a slip knit. You work from your existing stitches. Here are videos.

Although you will be casting on at the end, not the beginning of the rows. Ignore that. No it will be at the beginning. I’m having a duh moment.

No, when you look at the video just pretend you’ve already cast on some sts the same way and go from there.