Help! Blotches!

I hope someone has a solution to this I have reknit this piece several times. I am making the cutest camaflauge baby pants. The first leg came out very nicely with little stripes of color. The second leg will not make stripes. It insists on making blotches! I have tried taking it out and starting from a different spot in the varigation, but nothing works. I have big green and black patches. They are a gift and I want it to look uniformish. Is there any solution to this? (please) :frowning:

try working with two balls of yarn at once. Work one or two rows from one ball, then one or two rows with the other. This should aleviate the pooling. (If you only have one ball left, has a thread going on about knitting from both ends of the skein)

Thank you so much that sounds like it will work great. I’ll post a picture when they are done. :smiley: