HELP! Birthday alert!

In 2 weeks it will be my mom’s birthday and I haven’t made her anything. I’m normally very good about these things but this year it just kind of snuck up on me. :oops: Does anyone have any ideas for nice but quick pattens? PLEEEASE :pray: Thanks

Nadja :XX:

Have you ever made the Fiber Trends clogs? They are a unique gift, and they knit up pretty quick. I’ve made a bunch of pairs, so I’m used to the pattern now, but my last pair I knit up in less than a week.

I agree - the clogs are awesome! I think it took longer to get them dry than it did for me to even knit them up!

I will third the clogs idea :wink: They make a great gift, and are fun to make!

There’s always bulky yarn and big fat needles if you get down into the clutch…whistles innocently

I fourth the clogs idea! Every loves them and they really aren’t hard to knit up. As someone else said they take longer to dry than to knit! has a lot of easy to make shawl patterns, if you’re interested in that.

Is there a picture or a pattern somewhere on the net for these clogs? I haven’t seen or heard of them.

Haven’t heard of the clogs!!! :o :o
You can search this forum and find more information than you want to about those clogs!
OR I’m certain you can google Fiber Trends Clogs and find tons of links.

Well, if it’s not a flat piece of fabric, I probably haven’t heard of it, scaredy cat knitter that I am! :roflhard: I did do a search and got a peek at those clogs…they are cute! They’re really not hard to do? :thinking:

If you just take them line by line and trust the pattern they turn out beautifully! I don’t know if you chekced it out but there is aknitalong that is a zillion pages long all bout these clogs!

OOO! Thanks, I never thought of clogs :cheering: Oh, but I’ve never made them either :oops: Are they very difficult? Thanks again

Nadja :XX:

I’ve decided to make Pocketbook Slippers from for my mom’s birthday because I don’t have any animal hair yarn for the felted clogs and I’d like to use some of my stash. They’re like Mary Janes and incrediblly easy! My problem is I want my wonderful mother to enjoy the slippers without running the risk of breaking her neck (she has hardwood floors). Can anyone suggest something that I can do to get some traction?


Nadja :XX:

I haven’t tried this myself but I have heard that you can paint (using dimensional paint) squiggles on the bottom.

The pocketbook slippers are very cute. I’m sure she’ll love them! The clogs really are awesome though! Maybe for christmas?