Help! Big loop in my knit stitch!

Hi, i know i posted earlierbut i’m still having problems… after my cast on, i do my first row of stitches, and for the very lasts titch ined up with a big loop… it’s not a stitch it’s just a big loop…i’ve triedso many times! So when i go to start my second row i have this big loop at the top, but it’s not a stitch, it’s just a big loop… what am i doing wrong?

I saw your earlier post.

Is the big loop in the row of cast-ons, or the row you stitched?

Is it at the end right as you finish up (where your working yarn is hanging from) or the opposite end?

Do you know where the loop came from at all? (Perhaps your slipknot is very loose or you’ve somehow managed to work with the tail of yarn coming off of your knot?

Hi, the loop comes when i make the last stitch in the row… therefore ending at the top of the right hand needle (continental style). So then i when i want to make mysecondrow i’ve gott his big loop at the top…
i noticed in the Tips Video section in the video where she does a small project that the demonstrator does something different in the last stitch of the row, but it’s so fast i can’t tell what it is… like she loops the yarn around or something…

Just snug the 1st & 2nd stitches in each row and keep knitting. The big loop will probably even out and go away!

Try it & see!

This is fairly common for new knitters. Perhaps some insights in these existing posts:

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If its the first stitch ,after you turn to do the second row, it’s supposed to be that way. The first stitch is always loose.