HELP! Beginner with BUTTONHOLE issues!

HI Everyone! Boy I’m glad I found this forum!
I’m making a really nice scarf with the intent of knitting two button holes at the end so it can be buttoned on once it’s wrapped around the neck.
I have a book that told me how to start the buttonhole by casting off the # of stitches according to buttonsize, but the next knit row I have to cast them back on, and I CAN’T DO IT!
I don’t know how to cast on with two needles and if anyone can provide a short video clip so I can actually SEE how to finish the holes that would help! ANYONE!?!?


Here is a video on how to make a buttonhole.

And here is a page with instructions for several different types of buttonholes, including a couple where you don’t cast on on the next row, though you do have to cast on stitches.


THANKS so much everyone!! I think this forum is AWESOME! Especially when you have no “grandmas” left to ask questions to.
I was able to use the video clip Ingrid sent to me and it was SO helpful!! I am a very visual person. I only need to see it once to be able to do it, as for reading directions in a book, I still need a picture or video and most of the time, the pictures don’t help because they don’t show the movement.
I FINALLY finished those buttonholes. They’re a bit messy, but now I know how and the next attempts will be much cleaner!
Thanks suzeeq for the other page. I have a little mini-library of buttonholes now to practice and work on.
You’re the best!