HELP, baby booties

I am a new knitter. I have done a blanket, scarfs and dish clothes. Someone I work with is having a baby and I wanted to try baby booties. I’m not great with patterns, so I was finally able to find a pattern I can read and gave it a go. I am also a visual learner, if i can see it on a video I can generally do it.

Doing the pattern I am frustrated. I did it the way I believed was right and it didn’t turn out, so before I try again I want to make sure I am using the right technique. The word TURN is what is confusing me I think?

this is from the pattern:

Ruth’s Perfect Baby Booties

Shape Toe/Top of Foot

Row 19 Sl 1 st knitwise, K28, ssk, turn.
Row 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34: Sl 1 st purlwise, P7, P2tog, turn.
Row 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33: Sl 1 st knitwise, K7, ssk, turn.
Row 35: Sl 1 st knitwise, K4, M1, knit to end of row. (36
Row 36: Sl 1 st purlwise, purl to end of row.
Row 37: Sl 1 st knitwise, (YO, K2tog, K1)* to last 2 sts,
YO K2. (37 sts) (This makes 12 eyelets for “shoestring”.)
Row 38: Sl 1 st purlwise, purl to end of row.

so do I do this like the heel of a sock?
If someone can link me to a video that would help greatly!!


I’ll look at the pattern in a little while when I have time, but maybe someone else will be able to help you sooner.

I can tell you that you’re doing short rows and won’t be working with all the stitches on your needles. I don’t know of a great video for a bootie, I’m looking. Someone else can probably explain it, I fear I would just confuse you.

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It’s like knitting the heel of a sock, at least the kind of heel that uses short rows.
Here’s a video that is similar:

All the details may not be the same but the idea is close to your pattern. In both cases you’re shaping the knitting by putting in extra rows.

thanks for the replys, I will watch the video and then try again!