Help ...Again!

Hi, I’m knitting a sweater in stockinette stitch and I know that I didnt do my increases properly. As a result, the sides are curling. Is this a problem that I can correct when I sew it all together? Please tell me how I can properly increase to add a stich at the beginning and end of the needle. From what I’m seeing I think (hope) its fixable! Thanks

Stockinette curls naturally so I doubt your problem is due to improper increases. Since it’s a sweater and you’ll be sewing the sides together, that will keep it from curlling.

Stockinette curls. It’s just what it does. It hasn’t anything to do with whether you increase or not at the edges – increasing just shapes the piece so it fits your body or creates a certain shape. If you were supposed to increase and you didn’t, you may find that the fit is different from what it was meant to be.

As Marilyn says, if you have to sew the pieces together, you don’t have to worry about the edges curling; the seam will do that.

But you may need to check that the garment isn’t too small in places. :slight_smile: There are different methods to cast on to your needle at the beginning, end and middle of an existing row; I like knitting on, aka a cable cast-on. You can also increase somewhere within the row.

The video tab above is worth exploring, and you might also try rummaging through the Techknitting blog.

I don’t know if you already know this helpful hint or not, but when doing increases or decreases at the begining and end of a row it will make your seaming much easier if you place them a couple of stitches in from the edge.

Thanks so much for the helpful advice- I wont worry now!