Help / Advice on Finding More Comfortable Ways to Knit

Hello! I’m new here but I was hoping to get some ideas on how to knit more comfortably and efficiently. There isn’t a lot of info on this online and it’s hard to even do a search for.

I’m doing several arts and crafts shows this spring and need to knit fast to get all the items done in time. I’m finding that when I work with certain yarns ( cotton in particular) my fingers start to become sore and raw after a few days of work. So in this case, I was wondering if there are any tips on how to cover / bandage fingers without sacrificing a lot of motion? I tried some snug gloves but it hindered more than helped.

Also, I’m finding that where I chose to sit while I work brings another host of problems. I try to arrange pillows around my arms to take some of the strain off but then sitting is uncomfortable for so long. So I’d like to try to find a way to stand while I knit maybe?

What do some of you here do to knit more comfortably that enables you to knit fast but not get hand / leg / or butt cramps :slight_smile: …I wish there was a special knitters pillow out there but I’ve yet to find anything like that.
Any ideas and advice? Thanks!

Tiffany Harris
Knotty & Nice Knits

Interesting topic! Answers will of course vary and one person may not agree with another’s choices so it’s mostly what works for you. Here’s my thoughts though -

Yarn- I find that some yarns work better with nickel plated needles and some are better with wood. Cotton for me slides better on nickle plated usually. Something like silk or bamboo seems to be better on wood. Also… I also have a rule…if it’s hurts to knit with a certain yarn get a different yarn. Not all yarns are created equal. Some cotton is rougher and some is smooth. Same with any other fiber.

Knitting style - I can hear it now… you’ll be getting people telling you that continental method is faster. BUT it’s not for everyone. Find the method that works for you and you’ll be faster with it. I can knit both methods (and do for certain things), but my go to method is english. Only you can decide what works for you and which you’ll be comfortable with.

Cramps- If I get cramps I take a break. If you consistently get problems then you may need to try another method. That said I find knitting on circulars more comfortable than straight needles.

I just sit on my couch so can’t help you there.