Help. 3 stitches hanging from right needle.

I wanted to unknit several stitches at end of row but all I did was transfer them to right needle. The others including working yarn on left
Hoe to get them back on left needle. If I turn knitting around all gets crooked. Plus these 3 are getting really stretched. Can’t proceed till fixed.

Hi! Not sure i understand what you wanted to do and what you did. It seems that you wanted to frog a certain amount of stitches at the end of the row? You then say you move the stitched to the right needle but have the remaining stitches on the left needle along with the eorking yarn. Is this correct so far? You are then asking how to get those stitches that are on the right needle back to the left needle correct? What i don’t understand is how it is getting crookef if you turn it around which is whay you would need to do in order to knit or purl the dritches back on the needle? Could you take a picture of the stitches on the needles. The stretching could be the result of frogging or dropping of stitches. Sorry i couldn’t be of more help.

Thanks for your response. I was going to take a picture but went back and tried again. So I have my stitches all together now but those end ones look awful. I will try to upliad

Am not sure uploading pic is working. I uploaded but no picture.

Hi! The picture showed up. It looks like you may have some how drop a stitch or two. From the picture it doesn’t look too bad. You could see what it looks like after you work a couplr more rows then you could refrog it if you have to. If you have difficulty frogging i found a technique that works for me. Run s safety line through the stitches on one of the rows this way if you have to frog you will not drop any excess stitches. Hope everything works out…keep posting

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The picture has uploaded just fine. There is a gap that may look blank but if you scroll up, you’ll see the photo. What pattern are you following? Can you give us a pattern name?
You can either ladder the 3 edge sts down one at a time and correct the mistake or you can take out the rows to the last good row and re-knit.
If you decide to ladder down, start with the stitch closest to the stockinette stitch (the stitch 3 in from the edge). I assume there is loose yarn behind these edge sts which you can use to ladder up like this:

The very edge stitch is a bit more of a problem but this tutorial may help:

If all this sounds like too much, then your easiest bet is to take out the mistake rows and rework them.

Thanks for the help. Thought I’d fixed it and just leave a mess at
beginning as long as everything on correct needles.i have done a lot of
frogging and destruction of many pieces. This was looking hopeful. I knit
for quite a long time and then encountered another mess. So I ripped down
quite a few rows and am now left with an even bigger mess and nothing much
to show for my hours of knitting. Will try to upload a sad picture.
Now I can’t find how to upload pictures. I don’t see an icon or anything for this feature.

Just for future projects i find that using a life line saves me hours of frustration. I am always afraid that i will lose stitches while putting the stitches back on the needle especially on a project that has intricate pattern work. Just google safetyline in knitting wherr you will find explanations and YouTube links. This was the best thing i ever learned it saved me many hours of pulling my hair out. Happy knitting!