Help! 2 small holes at thumb of my arm warmer

Hi Everyone!

I’m hoping someone can help me out. It’s my first time knitting arm warmers and, with the help of this site, I learned how to knit in the round. I just finished the right hand of my arm warmer. When my friend tried it on, it fit great but we noticed 2 small holes right at the base of the thumb where I must have not picked up enough stitches. I can’t possibly unravel this. It’s already casted off and done. Is there some other way for me to fix and have it still look good?

Please help!


Yes, you can sew it closed with the yarn you knit with and a yarn needle. Experiment with what looks best. It usually only takes one stitch done from the outside so you can see the result right away. If it doesn’t look good take it out and try something else. It may take 2 stitches but no more. It can look very good, but the nuisance is the ends to work in. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I figured that’s what I’d have to do but wasn’t sure if there was another option. I’ll do that tonight. Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

This happens sometimes around thumbs (and sock gussets). After the fact, you could take a length of the same yarn on a yarn needle and working from the wrong side, close that hole with a stitch or two. Then weave in the ends to hide them. What I try to do before the hole shows up is to knit an extra stitch or two where the gusset begins. If this makes it too large, just decrease it out again on the next row or so.